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Several EU Member States have either closed borders with other members or imposed new health screening controls to further prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, freight circulation needs to continue to ensure European citizens will have access to food, medical equipment, medicines and other essential goods.

The European Commission has requested Member States to designate Trans-European transport NeTwork (TEN-T) border-crossing points as ‘Green Lane’ border crossings to guarantee essential products priority access. The Commission expects that going through these ‘Green Lane’ border crossings, including any checks, should not exceed 15 minutes on internal land borders.

The Galileo Green Lane app provides compliance with the European Commission Communication C(2020) 1897 final, on the implementation of the Green Lanes.

Galileo Green Lane, brought to you by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), allows users to report on the status of TEN-T border crossings. The app allows users to see the overall EU border situation in real-time and contribute to the online status by reporting the traffic at their border at regular intervals. Input data is verified with the data taken from trucks at the border to update the overall border picture and the status of Green Lane implementation.

The Galileo Green Lane application was developed by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme with the use of European Union funds and the technical support of FoxCom and SpaceTec Partners. Data visualisation brought to you by Sixfold.

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