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Galileo Green Lane Monitoring – User Manual

Due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 situation, it is important that goods can move freely through Europe - especially those that fall within the TEN-T (Trans-EuropeaN Tranport) network. The Galileo Green Lane Monitoring app ensures that border crossing waiting times are recorded for the benefit of truck drivers and their dispatchers. By regularly reporting on the state of the border crossing, you are helping monitor the overall situation across the EU and helping truck drivers and their dispatchers make better decisions.

How to get started

Description of the application

The Galileo Green Lane Monitoring application is used for regular (ideally every 30 minutes) reporting of the state of the border crossing point. The state of the border crossing refers to the estimated time it takes the truck to cross the border.

The application consists of five screens:

The main screen

The main screen contains information on:
  1. The last time data was sent to the server
  2. An option to select the current waiting time
  3. Information about the border crossing and direction of crossing
  4. An area to add notes
  5. An area to take a photograph

Map view

The map view shows a network of European border crossings with a graphical display (using traffic light symbols) of the current waiting time


The configuration screen contains a Phone ID that identifies a specific phone. You will have to provide this information when contacting Support.

Using the application

To start, please choose the direction of traffic. If you press the arrow you can change this direction. The arrow shows the flow of traffic into a country. In the example below, the flow of traffic goes from Germany into the Czech Republic.

Then you can select three options to record the waiting time.

Once you have selected one of the three traffic lights, you can optionally insert a note into the text box to the left of the pencil. E.g. no traffic, congested etc., ideally in English.

To take a photo, you need to press the camera image in the bottom right corner. This opens the camera application.

Take a picture of the situation in landscape mode (hold phone horizontally) and confirm.

Click SEND at the bottom of the screen to submit your record.

Please try and send an update on the situation about every 30 minutes.

To explore the other application areas from the main screen, you can use the three dots at the top right of the screen.

Select an item from the menu that displays to go to the desired screen. To go back to the main screen, use the upper left arrow.

Contacting support

You can contact support at anytime directly from the phone. We have pre-installed the Signal app onto your device. Just open the Signal app on your phone homepage and call ‘Support’.

Thank you for your cooperation to make this pilot successful.

Let’s jointly fight Corona!